15:45 (GMT +10:00) Sydney, Australia
Well, its a mixed day. My girlfriend has gone back to uni and is now 3 hours away for 8 weeks :P That always bites. On the positive my manager is away in Melbourne today, so I'm pretty much un-supervised - not that I've got anything to be doing at the moment. Still waiting for the terminals to be returned from Pacific Research so I can reload the dallas', and reload the keyloading software. We're now 7 or 8 weeks behind schedule - oh well, fortunately not my fault. So its been another intense day of surfing the web.

Tonight - Well, not much - I'm broke till payday (wednesday), got no pot, got no food - guess I'm getting takeaway and watching television (at least we've got foxtel now) and getting a decent nights sleep.
Oh yeah, BIG Thankyou, to my parents for buying me a good heater. Its really nice not to be freezing my ass off every night and morning!