In Imperium Galactica 2, I've defeated the Godan Kingdom which was attacking my north-east borders. I now share a border with the Shinari Republic, but they'd think twice before they'd offend the mighty Krakhen Empire (that's me). I've made contact with the Solarian Federation (filthy humans) and the Cheblon clans and the Iberon Empire are busy fighting each other but it is only a matter of time before they tangle with my southern border. A looming threat is the Toulen Empire who is probably in my south-east but their homeworlds have not been located thus far.

Walked around the city and looked at the sights. Read novels by Dennis Cooper and Agatha Christie. Bought the Avalanches LP. Listened to that LP and thought about this and that. Also bought Haruki Murakami's novel "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle". In it, the narrator's cat goes missing. He has time to go look for it because he's a house-husband. He thinks about his life, which has been pretty uneventful until now. While wandering around the neighborhood he meets a 16 year-old recuperating from a scooter accident in which her boyfriend died. There's an abandoned house nearby which brought bad luck to everyone who lived in it. The narrator meets a veteran who tells him about his experiences in Manchuria and Mongolia during the 1930s occupation and World War II. During which a Japanese Intelligence agent got skinned alive by a Russian soldier. The vet tells the narrator that the Russians threw him down an abandoned well in the Mongolian desert to die, but he escaped. The narrator gets cryptic phone calls from a mysterious woman. He goes & sits in the bottom of a dry well to think better. He goes in and out of dream worlds through the well's walls. The narrator's wife leaves him and kills her brother. The narrator has an affair with the sister of a medium who helps him find the lost cat. The 16 year-old decides not to go back to school but takes a job in a wig-making factory near the mountains. Life, of a different kind, goes on.