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The first root log explains why the root logs exist. Note: things listed in this writeup are only changes that I, N-Wing have made (JayBonci's changes are in a separate writeup, and other peoples' changes I generally don't list here).

September 1, 2001

  • created this root log on: Sat Sep 1 2001 at 10:28:31 UTC
  • made showmessages (htmlcode) able to filter based on a private message that is (archived or not archived), and (normal, or for a group)

September 2, 2001

  • when a /msg goes to a usergroup, message (opcode) now stores the group's ID (the previous ugly way to prepend the group's name to the message)
  • for group messages, showmessages (htmlcode) adds a link to that group
  • made Message Inbox also show group information, and also filter on usergroup using the new storage method

September 5, 2001

September 6, 2001

  • stole message archive idea (and some code, heh) from Perl Monks; changed message (opcode) to handle archive/unarchive; changed Message Inbox to allow user to set/unset archive status (since showmessages was already changed to not show archived messages by default, it didn't have to be touched for this)
  • made private message XML ticker say which usergroup (and that group's ID) a message is for

September 7, 2001

  • made Node Heaven not show some things by default, like nuke requests (a link is available to see them anyway); TODO add archive flag, like messages have

September 14, 2001

  • Added nodetypes of debate and debate comment to those hidden to non-editors when viewing List Node of Type.
  • Added 'garbage' parameter (like the the randomnode link in the Epicenter nodelet has) to 'pass writeup' link in Blind Voting Booth, to foil browser caching.

September 17, 2001

  • Improved/fixed the 'hide boring' option in Node Heaven.

September 19, 2001

  • changed CoolUncoolIt (htmlcode) to make it a little more obvious when you have C!ed something

September 20, 2001

September 21, 2001

  • made ebug display page (htmlpage) to display nodes of type ebug (so far, the only ebug is bugs abound, which is what I'm using for testing) (note: ebugs still need an 'edit' page, and a page that lists all ebugs)
  • added optional parameter to weblog (htmlcode) that allows caller to specify who may see who linked a node; options are: everybody can see, editors can see, admins can see, or nobody can see
  • added permission parameter to Node Row so only editors can see who deleted a writeup
  • created writeupcools (htmlcode), which lists everybody that C!ed a writeup
  • made writeup display page show the C! list, and made CoolUncoolIt not say if you C!ed a WU

September 22, 2001

September 24, 2001

September 25, 2001

September 28, 2001

  • made the "warning" messages in displayWriteupInfo (htmlcode) a bit more consistant, and changed C! info mismatch from being a "fatal" error into just a "warning" ('warning' and 'error' in double quotes because they aren't really system warnings/errors, just information about minor weirdness)
  • made Browse Bugs show known bugs; still have to limit to n per page, and allow sorting and filtering

September 29, 2001

  • TODO: optional bigger text entry boxes for edits

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