When I woke up today, I was a little confused as to what day it was. According to the dream I had, it should be Saturday. I slept in a bit and then ate breakfast while browsing E2.

Two hours later...my mother came home and tells me we're having lunch with my grandparents at MCL (it's liver and onions day - yippee!....GAG!!) We had a pleasant lunch together, but now it feels like Sunday because we *always* have lunch together on Sunday.

This afternoon I started reading parts of an HTML book my boyfriend, T, has lent me...learning how to make frames. Also T has been wonderful in talking to the HP people for me about getting me a new video card because mine's doing goofy things. The new card should be in on Monday. I'm going to have to part with my computer for a WHOLE day! (I don't know if I can survive ;P )

T came over and had dinner with us, and then we all (grandparents, mother, boyfriend, and I) went over to the library to see Cast Away with Tom Hanks. The people running the DVD player were having some issues with the remote and the player, but they did eventually get the movie going. Good movie. It won't ever be on my favorites list, though.

After we got back to my house and T had left, mom and I started talking about our plans for tomorrow. I told her that T had asked if I could go see a movie with him Saturday night.

MOM: "I don't think so. It's been kind of a heavy T week. You saw him Monday, Wednesday, and Friday."
ME: "Maybe it hasn't been a heavy T week...maybe all the other weeks were light T weeks."

She didn't go for it.