Kinito is popular Spanish drinking game.
It is traditionally played with a large amount of Kalimotxo or with Xorgier (Minorcan Lemon Gin).

I will try to lay out the rules of this game a simply and coherently as possible.

First of all you need:
Two six sided die and a die shaker or plastic cup (opaque).
A large amount of kalimtoxo or any other drink that takes your fancy . Since this is a drinking game preferably use something light and stay away from hard liquor.

To have a successful game of kinito you need at least 3 people but that can be to few at times. I would recommend at least 4 or 5 people.

The following table gives the of each die combination.
The values in bold denominate high critical combinations.
Axis X is one of the die and Y is the other.
PX - Denotes pairs of X
K - Denotes Kinito
3G - Denotes Three Glasses

     1    2     3    4    5    6 
1   P1    K    3G    5    6    7 
2    K   P2     R    6    7    8 
3   3G    R    P3    7    8    9
4    5    6     7   P4    9   10 
5    6    7     8    9   P5    K 
6    7    8     9   10    K   P6 

Do not worry if this means nothing to you it will become clear shortly.
To start the game each person throws one dice and whoever gets the highest value starts.
The turns rotate clockwise.


The first throw always has to be a seven or higher.
Every time you call a number it has to be the same or higher then combination that has been passed to you.
The value of the throws is ascending up to pairs and finally to kinito.
The combinations 1-3, 1-4 and 2-3 voids anything that has been sent to you.
e.g.: If someone has passed a 5-3 to you and you throw a 1.3 you call out 4 and stop the ascending cycle.

To call out a turn you have to specify the conditions.
You must either call out
…and rising (e.g. seven and rising) which forces the next player to throw at least an eight.
Or simply call out the number (e.g. seven) which allows the player next to you to throw a seven as well.

You can and should lie through your teeth.
The catch is that if you do lie and the person you pass the die to doesn’t believe you they can lift up the cup and show the true value of your throw.
If you were lying and the value of your throw was lower then the one you called you drink.
If you were telling the truth or had a higher vale then you then you called the disbeliever drinks.

If you don’t feel like lying or even thinking about it you can pass the turn directly to next player, but if they decide to look at the dice and it was a lie you drink, not the person that lied.

When you throw a 1-3 (Three Glasses) you measure out three glasses to everyone that is playing or if your feeling mean to the same person.

The combination 2-3 (Roulette) you must throw the die again. With the number that comes out you count around the table starting with the person on your left. Whoever you land on drinks.

Kinitos are when you throw a 5-6 or 1-2. You don’t have to call it. You can call if you don’t have it but the same rule applies; if you are caught lying you drink.
When you throw a kinito you can send it to whoever you want.
At this point here are two options available for the recipient:

  1. He can lift up the cup. If there really is kinito he drinks. If not you do.
  2. Initiate a counter-kinito.

Counter Kinito
The player who initiates has tries to throw another kinito and send it back to you. (Lying is optional)
If in any of these three tries he throws a 1, 2, 5 or 6 he can leave one die on the table and throw the other. But if any of these numbers is thrown as a pair it is void.
You can surrender and not throw.
Who ever losses drinks as many glasses has kinitos and counter-kinitos have been thrown.

Now go and try it.

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