Macintosh Common Lisp is an implementation of Common Lisp created by Coral Software, improved by Apple, and currently maintained by Digitool. Many of its users consider it nearly as good a development environment as the MIT Lisp Machine.

MCL is a program, or rather an acronym for a program which stands for Mud Client for Linux.

Developed by Erwin S. Andreasen MCL is a mud client for unix like operating systems, with perl support for scripting, chat, prompt inheritance, speedwalks, macros, network connection status, and a rather hefty scrollback capability. Just about everything you could want in a mud client can be added using the perl scripting capability. It is ummatched in it's speed as a mud client and is the best MUD Client for Linux/Unix if not the best mud client ever made.

Erwin S. Andreasen wrote this about why he made MCL:

I wrote mcl because I needed a fast MUD client that had scroll back built in.
I hacked together a scroll back support for tintin, using less, but that
messed up when color codes were received and it was pretty slow to pipe the
saved data to less each time it was activated.

Also, tintin had a problem when a line was not received in one packet: it
would always change to a new line so long outputs looked very weird.

With embedded Perl and Python support, I am confident that mcl can do
everything tintin (and even most other clients) ever have done.

MCL - (as of 12/2/2000)
Developer: Erwin S. Andreasen (
Licence: GPL
Latest: 0.52.98
Stable: 0.52.00

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