Okay, it was Sabbath morning, and I was off to the third church service at the gym as usual. Only it wasn't the gym, it looked like Talge Hall chapel. So it was kind of a cross between The 3rd and regular dorm worships.

I neither remember nor care what they said. I had a handheld video game with me, and was playing it. After it was over, and I was on my way out...

Someone called my name.

I looked back. Standing there, right next to me but only barely recognizable, was my brother Tim. He was.. part of the next program--one for the academy students--and was going to be playing his instrument with some other guys for music. Anyway.

He was, and I mean it, nightmarishly thin, thinner than me. He told me he hadn't eaten at home for years. I felt terrible. But he called me nice names and made me feel like he had been thinking about me. I wanted to get him away from here...

We started running away. The other musicians, some heck hounds, and some old sages chased after us. I think we ran--I forget where we ran to; I think it was my dorm room, on a strange campus far away from here, but I think that was part of a dream before that I forgot.

I woke up and I feel terrible.

Timoteo, I miss you.