gah! this was a pretty busy week. This shalt be my, umm what's the word....ah!, my account of the past week. lets see.
in no particular order
  1. Wett bar.
  2. 1 year at work anniversary.
  3. Ass Kicking.
  4. LaTeX
  5. Foosball
  6. Misc, etc

Wett bar

Me and my buds went to this (i don't know what the right name for this place club? dance-club? ..) place called Wett Bar, downtown. We arrived around 9pm. The neon sign was gone, and weren't sure that we were at the right place. However some of the posters reassured us we weren't mistaken. The bouncer actually looked at our IDs. That made me sorta wonder. We had one dude with uswho just had his birthday a week ago. The bouncer made a comment, something like "barely made it in". Whatever. Since it was our first time (at least my first time) in this sort of establishment we were sort of uncomfortable at first. The inside of the place had the following layout: two bars on the opposite sides of the room, a raised plaform across the entrance, and the dance floor with the place for the DJs. Anyhow, we entered and started looking around. There were not too many people around (since it was sort of early) and then most of them were girls. We grabbed a table and sat down, had a few beers etc. I couldn't drink, since i was the designated driver. Little by little the whole thing started filling up. My friends went dancing. I'm not really a dancing type, but i joined them couple of times. The whole "dancing" thing seemed a bit futile - dancing by myself, or with my guy friends. What the fuck? So the rest of the time i spent gawking at girls. Couple of my friends tried to talk to the girls, but failed miserably. A big playa "friend" of ours joined us later, and he also failed. Over all the night was pretty boring. There were a lot of cute girls there; but i guess i'm not the clubbing type. The highlight of the night were to chinese girls so greatly drunk that they ran into me. I liked that. The lowest part of the day was my parking ticket. Oh well. I owe i think about 200 bucks in tickets. Let's see: about 100 bucks to SFU. About 50 bucks to UBC, about 50 bucks to the City of Victoria and now 50 bucks to Impark. Blow me.

1 year @ work

Couple of days ago I realized that i've been working at the same place for a year now. It's been pretty good, few ups, few downs. Learned a great deal. Learned perl - im fairly fluent in it. Learned more about linux. Getting into LaTex. Learning C++. Learned a lot of shit. Learned about people. Learned about older people. This year @ work has been pretty good to me...except possibly the fact, that it made me fail out of SFU. Oh well. Lose some gain some.

Ass kicking..

Jesus. This hasn't happened for years. It takes so much to piss me off, to REALLY piss me off. And none other then my friends did it. It was a sad and pitiful show. I set myself up for a lame joke. They laughed. I laughed with them. They laughed some more. I still laughed with them. Then it grew from a harmless (but lame) joke into something that was making me mad. I asked them to stop numerous times but they didn't. I got sort of violent. Bleh. I pushed the table, and the guy behind the table into the wall. All three of them got up and left. Shrug. I am not saying sorry. Whatever. What kinda friends are you, huh? Whatever. They are all pissed off at me now, I think. Their delicate nature couldn't handle my violent handling heh. They expected me handle their verbal abuse. What's the matter? If you can attack me with words, and I can't do the same, I'll use whatever means. I think I made it perfectly clear. But whatever. Please, please - dont joke like THAT. I had people laugh at me and my english when i was back in churchill. And Israel. Sigh. I'm getting too touchy really... I'm still mad.


No, no..i'm not talking about the rubber stuff. i'm talking about the type-setting system. (though i do find latex oh-so-kinky... :) I need to type up a cheatsheet for my math stuff. And latex looks pretty cool. I read through some tutorials, printer out some samples. I gotta admit. It looks cool. Write your stuff in plain ascii, compile into dvi and there you go. I think i'll use latex from now on for all my word processing purposes. cool.


Such a simple concent, and yet such a cool game :) We have a game room at work. A few weeks ago they installed an foosball table there. Any time during the day you can find people there, and i was sort of wondering what the heck was wrong with them. Few days ago i tried - and, damn that game is addictive. It fast, simple and takes you away from the sometimes dragging boredom that is work. Right now i'm majorly getting raped by everyone else. It's sad. But i figured some shit and hopefully will get better with practice.


My left ear is ringing. Either im going deaf or i left the cotton part of the q-tip there. Again. Goddamn. Heh, going to the gym rocks. I'm not depressed, and i feel healthier. I think i need to get drunk. Also i need to wrap up this node and go take a shower. Heh.