Yay, classes have begun at PSU

My Japanese professor handed out these student surveys on the first day of class. They asked generic stuff about one's background in the Japanese language. The last question asked "Is there anything else we should know about you?". I thought a while about this one, my answer "I have an absurd fondness for pie and baked confections", was not exactly the smartest, but I hope somthing humorous can brighten someone's day at least

My Macro Economics prof read us the riot act in class. He spent the entire hour and ten minutes going over his syllabus like he was eating a plate of sushi. Each dagblasted point of detail he picked out and exhastivly explained, then moved on to the next one. The whole damn hour. Even the mandatory verbatim blurb on 'Academic Integrity'.

My Differential Equations teacher is cute. Not hot or sexy, but a serious cutie. She came into class wearing a pink trench coat! ( I was looking for the sanrio patch on it). And her clothes were strangely color coordinated as well, black and white striped shirt, black pants.

Still can't afford to buy books, perhaps I should turn back to prostitution while it's not too late