Wandering around in a big huge blank room, full of people standing evenly spaced apart, all facing away from me. I walk among them, grabbing their shoulders and turning them toward me as I come to them, but I do not see anyone I know. Suddenly I am on a busy street corner, everyone bustling andy busy living their life. I stop them and grab their faces, trying to recognize someone, but they all look at me like I am crazy and they are afraid of me. When I let go they run away from me. I grab another, then another. "Do you know me?", "Who are you?", I shout at them. Suddenly I begin to panic and repeat over and over "No one knows me! No one knows me!"

I dreamed about a sweaty Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa last night- too much 'Nash Bridges', I guess... apparently, we were from different worlds, and no one in mine sweats, because I was taken aback that Mr. Tagawa had to keep mopping his face with a handkerchief.


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(Heh, this is the first dream I originally made notes about using my Palm... =)

There were three dream segments here, the third is the best one I can remember anything about.

In the first, I had rented a plate from some shop. I had gone to Kuhmo for a couple of days, and forgot to return the plate before I went there (the rent was only for one day). The shop owner called me and told me I had not returned it, and I told I would return it when I got back.

It was a white, deep plate. I wrote on it - using charcoal - that it was the property of the shop and put it on the car trailer. You see, I was helping my father to get some wooden boards from sawmill to home. He went to check the trailer, saw the plate but didn't react.

The next thing I remember I was in the car; the trailer didn't had much stuff in it, but the inside of the car was full of those boards. He shouted at me that he couldn't see a thing inside the car, well, I just shouted back I couldn't, either. We managed to clear the inside of the car so that we could actually be there.

The next dream sequence: I was bicycling around at high speed. We were going to someone's birthday party. We finally arrived to a large manor. For me, there was no other way to stop the bicycle except to collide to the wall - I did so, and somehow I wasn't hurt.

We went in with my family. Inside in the hall, I left my coat there, and some lady was interviewing guests. He asked me questions about my plush fox, much to my surprise. "You have a nice vixen there." "No, it's a male fox." "What's his name?" "Mikko." "Why do you like him?" "Uh, I guess he's nice to hug."

On the table inside, there were many puddings. There were many chocolate-covered ones, but I picked one of the orange-colored ones instead. I talked with my sister. Then I looked out of the window, and saw the kid from the neighbor coming in (it was winter outside, strange, because when we went in it was summer out there.)

Third dream sequence: My father was renovating my room in Kuhmo, and attic too. (In RL he's always fixing something when he's not working...)

My sister wanted to see me (his room was next to mine); there was a narrow corridor now between our rooms, and she had a HUGE box of drawings there, and wanted me to store them. Actually, the box was bigger than the corridor; When I stood up, the box was up to my chest, and I couldn't see my sister who was standing right next to the box behind it. (Dreams have a weird topology.)

I looked at the drawings. They were not well drawn. However, I felt that these drawings were even more clever than the drawings she usually makes. (This was often true in her case earlier; these days, her drawing skills have improved a lot and cleverity is still there =)

So, I put the box to my attic. The guy who was helping my father shouted that he could clearly see through the attic now that the stuff had been moved around.

My father was putting plastic foam boards to the ceiling, and squirted plastic foam between the boards (the hardening plastic foam used to fill the cracks). He asked me to go out of the room, and, well, I went.

I had no other choice but to go outside without my shoes. I walked out there to the causeway that was running next to a river of some sort (scene reminded me of Pajakkakoski in Kuhmo, but there were not as much trees.) I cursed my luck, walked around, and had to return soon because my socks had got completely muddy.

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