On the Fourth of July last year, the house across the street burned down. Quite sad actually—it was 110 years old, and, in my opinion, something kinda shady was going on. I suspect that they might have been dealing drugs, but I cannot be sure. In any case, the remains of the house have been marked for demolition.

As I described on January 6, 2002, my street is rather narrow. My house lacks a garage, so we have to park on the street. In four years living there, I have never had only a problem, due to a criminal doing a “smash and grab.” Didn’t get anything, but annoyed me.

Yesterday, however, the demolition crew arrived. I was at work. As I generally bus or bike to work, my car was at home. Somehow, they managed to break my rear window and driver’s side taillight. I walk up, and see a business card under by wiper, and trash bags arranged on the back, to protect the interior from rain.

My car.

My new car.

(OK, my new-to-me used car. It was in great shape).

I got this beautiful Volvo V70 just over a month ago. I had lusted after these cars for a while, initially thinking the “Cross Country” edition, but decided to go for a standard. I wanted to have some of the space of an SUV without having to own an SUV. It is also nice and plush.

And they smashed it.

I was very angry on the phone with the demolition company. I was very angry with the poor employee who happened by. I need to call and apologize.

The brick is in the shop now, and, with luck, I’ll have it back tomorrow. Still, I feel very angry. Why can’t I have something nice and not have people just being cavalier around it. Yes, the company said they would pay for the damage (I’m still working through my insurance company), however, why did it happen in the first place.

It is obvious when they started they put my car at risk, why didn’t they try to offer warning, or wait until they could get me to move it? Now, they have an expense to repair my car, plus an irate person. He may lose all the profit he will make from this job.

Unfortunately, I can’t say I feel bad about that.