I was saying stuff like "There's some people who you never want to deal with in your life ever again, its best just to ignore them forever." in class one day. I was in a class with both Ramsey and Feng, but for some reason Ramsey took my seat so I had to sit near and ignore Feng. I was sitting in front of Netscape, opening my POP3 account. Suddenly about 10 pieces of spam loaded up in addition to a mail entitled 'thoughts' by feng.

It read something like this...

andrew, i kno u havn't talked to me in a long time .... i don't mind u talkin to me if u try not to mention that girl from library ... oh and me sent u a gift 2. i used 2 hate alaina, then she dies.

In my hands I had some kind of label printer of some sort, it was designed for a Mac, but said PowerBook or PC ready.

beep beep beep

I fucking hate when stuff IRL fucks with your dreams which are supposed to be cool and full of nekkid people