I was saying stuff like "There's some people who you never want to deal with in your life ever again, its best just to ignore them forever." in class one day. I was in a class with both Ramsey and Feng, but for some reason Ramsey took my seat so I had to sit near and ignore Feng. I was sitting in front of Netscape, opening my POP3 account. Suddenly about 10 pieces of spam loaded up in addition to a mail entitled 'thoughts' by feng.

It read something like this...

andrew, i kno u havn't talked to me in a long time .... i don't mind u talkin to me if u try not to mention that girl from library ... oh and me sent u a gift 2. i used 2 hate alaina, then she dies.

In my hands I had some kind of label printer of some sort, it was designed for a Mac, but said PowerBook or PC ready.

beep beep beep

I fucking hate when stuff IRL fucks with your dreams which are supposed to be cool and full of nekkid people

I am standing at the foot of a bed of some matriarch. She is some kind of Victoria-like queen to some laughably minor but lavish and historic empire or principality. To aid me she presents me with a 6 zillion zorint bank-note. Next scene: I am in the office of a dull bureaucrat, negotiating my note into regular money.

Another dream: There is a huge tree full of huge, hanging alligators. They are snapping at each other a little but most of all they are trying to ascend into the upper reaches grabbing pieces of rope in their jaws to pull themselves up with pulleys. The absurdity of this scenario strikes me.

I was in a dark and haunted house with some friends. I walked into the bathroom because I had to go and inside there were children, women, and men all hunched into a corner near the toilet. I stared at them for a second and walked to the faucet and splashed my face with water. I walked out of the house, rain came down from the sky. The night was dark and the lights outside were dim. I looked at the sky, purple with spirits flying through the air. I fell to my knees and cried, praying to the mighty God asking him what was wrong with me. From a car I heard voices.

Girl: What's he doing?
Boy: Giving his life to Jesus.

I payed no more attention to their words but I heard that clearly. I asked for forgiveness, I asked for redemption, but most of all, I asked for sanity.
I woke up to the sound of rain outside my window.

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