A maxi-single CD release by Front 242, containing remixes of the Religion and Crapage tracks from the 1993 full-length 06:21:03:11 Up Evil release. Not essential 242, but The Orb and Prodigy remix work is interesting.
    Track list:
  1. Religion - 7" mix
  2. Religion - Pussy Whipped mix
  3. Religion - Prodigy Bass Under Seige mix
  4. Religion - Bitch Slapper mix
  5. Religion - Prodigy Trance U Down mix
  6. Crapage - The Orb Never Hurry A Murray mix
  7. Crapage - The Orb The Turd mix
  8. Religion - Lovelace A-Go-Go mix
The secret ingredient in the Lovelace-A-Go-Go maxi-single track is dialogue sampled from Deep Throat. It's hauntingly raw, ugly, funny in the tragic way. As Jimmy Flynt said to Larry in The People vs. Larry Flynt, most folks prefer to keep their religion and porn separate.

"Right" - branded on my brow
"Wrong" - graven on my mind
You see, the sin is in me

When - will it stop unfolding
When - will I ever be
Face to face
With the devil in me

Let me burn you Let me burn you Let me burn you down (2x)
Burn you down

Brain - wants to rule the heart
Heart - wants to tie the hands
Unseat the assassin in me

So you cry not to give it away
So you lie


Born - with a wicked charm
Torn - by this driving harm
You see, it moves into me

So you lie not to give it away
So you cry