One of the first superstars of porn Linda made adult video history when her movie "Deep Throat" was released in the pre-silicone orb days of adult entertainment. It was one of the first full length story driven porn movie to be released. Linda was encouraged by her then husband Chuck Trainer, a Svengali type character who also worked as a pimp. Years later Linda would claim that she was forced to "act" in porn movies and was physically and emotionally abused by her hubby. She wrote a now out-of-print memoir called Ordeal which documented her miserable life.

born: Janary 10, 1949 - Bronx, New York
died: April 22, 2002 -

Linda Lovelace, 53, real name Linda Boreman, died Monday from injuries she suffered in a car crash on April 3, 2002. She was taken off life support after more than 2 weeks and died on April 22.

She was most famous for starring in the 1972 pornographic film Deep Throat and later became an anti-porn activist. She wrote an autobiography in 1980 called Ordeal. Boreman claimed she was never paid for Deep Throat even though the film grossed a reported $600 million.

Boreman's second ex-husband, Larry Marchiano said, "Everyone might know her as something else, but we knew her as mom and as Linda."

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