I have been drinking coffee almost every day for about a week now. This morning I have a twitch in my right eyelid. Despite bedding down at a reasonable hour (by 10PM) last night, rising was difficult as ever this morning; I got to work ~15 min late. That’s better than the last two days, 1.5 hr late TUE and .5 hr late WED.
Driving up SR 17 North last night, I took a quick look at Computer Renaissance, which was closed. Odd, I thought, before 8PM, but maybe they close earlier than other retail stores would.
Today, in daylight, I discover that they are not merely closed, but really most sincerely closed. The store is empty but for a few forlorn display racks and tables. I will not be wrangling a small, cheap, used hard drive here, and my hopes of obtaining a used monitor or printer are now dashed. Well, there's always ebay. Perhaps that's why Computer Renaissance is permanently closed.
At "the other" CompUSA, smaller and saner than the one I visited last night, I get a 10GB drive. This is the smallest drive they carry, and my delight at the wonders of technology (yesterday's 40GB drive) turns to disgust. (I would be quite happy with a 3GB drive, even a 1GB drive, I didn't want to dish out another $100!) On the plus side, I discover why the power switch turns the computer on but not off: I had misconfigured the motherboard's power management.

Continued tomorrow...