Easter! HOORAY! Brunch at my sister's house is slated for 2:00, but my roommate gets me high, so I hang out until I am about an hour late to straighten up a bit... but primarily to enjoy and record the rush of ideas that always attends this indulgence. The morning is punctuated with Beethoven's "Chorale" symphony, the Godspell soundtrack, and delicious french roast coffee and chocolate chip cake.
Could you please pass the butter? As it turns out, brunch is not served until 3:30ish, more like an egg-heavy early dinner, with mimosas. There is a theory that you can eat pretty much whatever you like, as long as you don't combine things that don't digest well together (like fruit, which digests in 2 hours, and meat, which takes more like 12 hours). This meal is the epitome of poorly-combined holiday meals. Frittatas, juice, wine, cheese, croissants, ham, broccoli/mushroom quiche, all so tasty. And of course, I have the munchies, how can I resist? It's a holiday, I don't want to. Tommorow is my nephew's birthday, but my sister figured we would gather on Easter so everyone could give him gifts today. <sarcasm>Nice of her to tell me.</sarcasm> Fortunately, I brought a nephew birthday card JUST IN CASE, and my wallet yields an appropriate bill for the occasion. I ignore everything about Elian Gonzalez for the whole day, and dammit, it just feels GOOD.
Cartoon showtime. I am home in time for The Simpsons, but it's disappointing. Then there is a claymation Story-of-the-Resurrection show, but rubber instead of clay... and is it my imagination, or are they taking great liberties with the dialogue? I get a little choked up anyway.