Another weapon in the forced consciousness through caffeine war.

Magic Coffee was inadvertently created not during finals week, as some have alleged, but rather during a con (almost certainly CoastCon in Biloxi), sometime in the early 90s. A well-documented feature of caffeine is its ability to extend as well as expand consciousness for millions of happy, awake people.

Caffeine addiction, caffeine withdrawl, and caffeine poisoning are serious issues, and those afflicted should attempt Magic Coffee with extreme caution.

Here is the original recipe for Magic Coffee. Beware.

  1. Prepare about a half pot of coffee as normal.
  2. Throw away the old coffee grounds and replace with fresh, tasty ground coffee.
  3. Take your nice, fresh, delicious pot of normal coffee, and wish it well on its journey.
  4. Brew a second half pot of coffee, not as normal. Instead of using bottled water or tap water, use Dr. Pepper.
  5. Yes, Dr. Pepper. Go and read the node, we're talking about the same thing.
  6. Mix both halves into a complete whole pot of coffee.
  7. Add chocolate syrup to taste.
  8. Hallucinations, tracers, delerium tremens and the shakes are to be expected, but not normal. If you're drinking this coffin varnish, you're a caffeine guru.

Pretend you've just read and accepted a nicely done standard disclaimer.