1. A person that redraws something that somebody else drew without going outside of the original drawing. Banky was accused of being a tracer in the movie Chasing Amy.
  2. A person engaged in searching out missing articles.
  3. Also I believe it is something used in warfare. I think it is a type of bullet that leaves a visible trail.

4. After having ingested LSD or been awake far too long, afterimages of things seen will slowly creep across the surface of the eyes. These are tracers.

(1) a type of ammunition that glows brightly, allowing a marksman to determine where that shot went and adjust accordingly.

(2) a form of hallucination where something percieved (by any of the five senses) is percieved repeatedly, even though the stimulous was only applied once. e.g. a cigarette butt flies past, you see an entire arc of this motion, repeated many times.

A tracer round is a projectile (usually for an automatic weapon) which has been treated with a substance designed to burn and leave a glowing, visible trail. It is used both for aiming purposes as well as for psychological effect; the AC-130H/U Gunship and its ilk use large proportions of tracer in their ground-attack weapons in order to impress upon the intended targets just how much trouble they're in.

Tracers are usually treated with a strontium salt, which will burn (I believe) with a bright orange-red trail. Salts of other compounds can be used to provide tracer paths of different hues. Note that tracer rounds at best cause a requirement for more frequent cleaning of the weapon and at worst the premature erosion of the lands in the barrel and of the breech.

A passenger vehicle (hereafter "car") from the Mercury branch of the Ford Motor Company. It actually is (or was, in the begining) a rebranded Mazda 323. Nice little "Around town putt-putt", but doesn't stand a chance in a collision at any faster than walking pace. Believe me **groan** I know.

A tracer can also be a label (usually a radioisotope, but sometimes a fluorescent molecule) added to a molecule to follow its progress through a (usually biological) pathway. For example, one can administer mescalin which has been labeled with carbon-11 to a rat and measure the distribution of mescalin and its metabolic products in the various organs of the rat with a Geiger counter (it is not known if the rats enjoy their trip.) Other commonly used tracers include deuterium, fluorine-18, oxygen-15 and green-fluorescent protein.

Tra"cer (?), n.

One who, or that which, traces.


© Webster 1913

Trac"er (?), n.


A person engaged (esp. in the express or railway service) in tracing, or searching out, missing articles, as packages or freight cars.


An inquiry sent out (esp. in transportation service) for a missing article, as a letter or an express package.


© Webster 1913

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