One of the characters in the Homestar Runner series of Web animations.

Homsar has his origins in the second Strong Bad e-mail. This particular e-mail asked Strong Bad why he didn't just kill "Homsar" if he hated him so much. This was, of course, a typo; the writer had meant to say "Homestar", but the brothers Chaps liked the idea so much that they created the Homsar character just so Strong Bad could drop a large weight on him. However, Homsar has since had a tendency to not stay dead. He has been mentioned in several other features on the site since his appearance. Most often he is a secret character who must be "unlocked" via an Easter Egg of one form or another, but not always.

Physically, Homsar is a caricature of Homestar. Aside from being larger in every dimension (height, width, and underbite), his accent is far more pronounced than Homestar's. In place of Homestar's propeller baseball cap and red shirt, Homestar wears a yellow boiler hat and a blue shirt with his name printed across the front. Homestar is not known for cleverness in his speech patterns, but Homsar speaks almost entirely in non sequiturs, leading to a strange cross between Homestar Runner and Zippy the Pinhead.

Homsar's role in the series is slowly expanding. While he was at first intended only as a cameo, and then only as a secret character, several recent features have shown him as a friend of Strong Sad. As of July 15, 2003, he even has an official entry on the site's Characters page, though it is, as usual, slightly hidden. Eject the tape in the VCR to see it.

In this last appearance, we are starting to see a new aspect of Homsar: the superpowers attributed to his hat. Although Homsar's hat has long been known to be something of a gymnast, jumping and spinning and flipping as he talks, in this episode we see the hat actually change shape, to a train engineer's cap. The transformation is brief, but watch for it when Homsar speaks of being "the captain of the gravy train".

Little is known about Homsar's past. This isn't so much on account of any kind of secrecy, as much as it is the fact that no one can understand what he's saying. For example, when asked about his childhood, Homsar claimed to have been raised by a cup of coffee.

Homsar's counterpart in the Kick the Can timeline is somewhat debatable. There is a character called The Bossman who wears a bowler hat strikingly like Homsar's own, some believe that his title would better indicate that this is meant as a counterpart to the King of Town. However, the KoT already has a counterpart in The Kaiser, so this theory is discounted by many. In any case, The Bossman has only had one appearance, and this was only a cameo, so nothing can be certain yet.

Homsar does not yet appear to have a counterpart in the Stinko Man 20X6 timeline.