I'll admit, I created this nodeshell long before I had cause to fill it.

You see, I work at Walmart, and I am always struck by the numbers of women who stand in the underwear department with their significant other. Now, I may be jumping the gun a little here ladies, so if I am being outrageous by making claims for all women, please feel free to correct me. I like comfortable underwear, and I would assume, and again, I could be completely wrong here (it depends on personal tastes) that most other women would agree that comfortable underwear is the way to go.

Having said this, I can't tell you how many times in a day I walk past the underwear department and see some poor woman looking at Hanes and trying valiantly to hide from the thing that her boyfriend or husband is admiring and waving gently in the wind. A string and some beads. Some sequins, or a tiny patch of lace.

After having been exposed to such atrocities multiple times, I SWORE never to take a man underwear shopping. I mean, really! What is the point of wearing underwear that doesn't do anything? Sure, it looks cool for a while, but eventually the sequins or beads or whatever are going to give you an uncomfortable rash or scratch something they shouldn't...


So those were really my thoughts, and I was trying to decide how to phrase them comically. Unfortunately, during the span of time between when I created the nodeshell, and when I have finally decided to fill it, I did something completely unforseen.
I got a boyfriend, and fell in love.
The day before yesterday, I woke up, took my shower, and started casting around for things to wear. When, after a frantic 20 minutes, I realized that I had been running around with a pair of blue satin panties and trying to find the matching bra, I knew I was in trouble. Never before have I gone to the trouble of color coordinating my under garments.

This led me to the startling realization that you don't wear matching underwear unless you are hoping/expecting that someone will see it.... which further led me to the understanding that when you wear dental floss and doylies... you don't wear them because they are comfortable. In fact, them being uncomfortable is just one more reason for them to come off.

I'd like to be able to stand by my original thoughts, and say that I really would never take a man underwear shopping... but now I am not so sure.

Heck, it might even be fun.

Update: I married the boy in question. :-)

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