The most extreme flavor of ice cream from Ben and Jerry's. It is comprised of coffee ice cream, with flakes of fudge and espresso beans. It is mind blowing.

I've only had this flavor of Ice Cream once. But it was certainly memorable.

See, I'm very much into gourmet Ice Cream, be it Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream (favorite flavor: Chubby Hubby) or Edy's Dreamery Ice Cream (favorite flavors: Cashew Praline Parfait and Chocolate Peanut Butter Chunk). And I like to try almost all the flavors of good gourmet brands once (but I won't touch Edy's Dreamery Hot Chilly Chili flavor...imagining the flavor is unbearable).

But I was hesitant about Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz. Why? I'm not quite sure. Maybe I was afraid it would be akin to Imperial Stout beer, but just in the ice cream genre. It would be so great but unbearable to indulge in ever again. Or at least for a good long while.

And what do ya know...I was right. The fudginess, the coffeeness, the espressoness...It was way too rich to ever eat regularly, and it did take the better part of the night to finish the pint (since true ice cream fans consume whole pints at a time). But it was the most perfect flavor of Ben and Jerry's to ever be released on market.

One day I may eat it again...but I can't eat it too soon or else I will most certainly have a head that explodes.

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