The Mr. Coffee without a sink was so lonely, because nobody would fill it with water and beautiful ground coffee beans and let it make coffee. Every day it would hear people opening cola cans with shaking hands, to ease their caffeine needs. Every day it would smell name-brand coffee purchased in small cups from the expensive coffee shop around the corner. Every day it would see people stare at it longingly, only to shake their heads and walk away.

"Why," thought the lonely Mr. Coffee, "why won't you fill me and let me make you the delicious coffee I know you want?"

"Because you don't have a sink, and if we want to empty out your used and spent grounds, we have to dump them in the trash down the hall. If we want to wash the quarter inch of old coffee from your pot, we have to carry you downstairs to the restroom and wash you next to the urinal. Because last time somebody made coffee in you, nobody washed it out for a month, and you were a total bitch to clean up afterwards."

Poor Mr Coffee, Mr Coffee can't pour.

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