The critics agree:
THE greatest syntho-sino-electronica-techno-funk album of all time is...

"pretty fucking nice!" - amnesiac

"much happy goodness to be found on dem' MP3s!" - elem_125

"I'll be a sumbitch!" - dannye

ROLLING STONE interviews Sekicho, creative genius behind Saidai...

RS: Now tell us, 'cho... if I may call you that.

S: Sure, stoners, fire away.

RS: What inspired you to donate your profits from the sale of this album to the Everything Development Company?

S: Well, I was trippin' with some Buddhist monks when the thought hit me: why should I use my musical genius for evil? There are hundreds of starving Perl nerds out there who need a server and a hot bowl of Top Ramen to spill on it, and I'll be damned if I let them go for one day without their connection to the informative motorway.

RS: Is that so?

S: Well, that, and I'm also in a good mood because the Marlins won the pennant.

RS: How did you make Saidai?

S: Mostly by drinking lots of Pepsi and fucking around with Jeskola Buzz until my ears began to ring like the White House switchboard on a MoveOn call-in spree. It's the infinite monkeys theorem in action, really. Get sekicho behind a powerful synthesizer package and let him screw around for long enough, and he'll eventually make a symphony.

RS: There are several other artists listed in the credits of your CD. "Joyride Rakucha?"

S: My imaginary girlfriend. She's a great pianist and she wears a sexy Chinese dress.

RS: And Utada Hikaru?

S: Uh, same thing, I guess.

RS: But you actually made all these songs yourself.

S: Well, sort of. The voices in my head helped a lot, especially with the vocals.

RS: ...But there are no vocals, aside from samples of people who clearly don't sound like you.

S: This interview is over.

"Here's the dillio: When you buy a copy of Saidai from, Everything2 receives all the profits: TWO WHOLE DOLLARS! Are you tired of paying for music just to support corporate greed? Now you can pay for music just to support EDB's need for moist noder flesh!

"Now how much would you pay? $49.99? How about $29.99? No! You'll get Saidai, complete with a generous donation to, for the ONE-TIME price of $7.50!" CAN YOU BEWIEEEEEEEVE IT?!

Artist: Sekicho
Label: Chillin Chuu Records
Year: 2003
  1. Hajimemashite
  2. Trabipark (Remastered Version)
  3. Baikonur
  4. The Gold Saucer
  5. That Noise Again
  6. Sakura, Sakura
  7. New World Underground (Remix)
  8. Osaka Bay
  9. No My Funk
  10. Automarx (Midtown Edit)
  11. Return to Baikonur

Due to popular demand, I have moved the main distribution center to, where the CD is 50 cents cheaper than it was at HUTTAH!

Void where prohibited. Quotes not real. Sekicho does not know any Buddhist monks. All your base are belong to Juan Pierre.

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