At Homestar (It's Dot Com!), Stinko Man is Strong Bad's alter ego in the year 20X6 ("Twenty Exty Six", not "Twenty Ex Six"). The character originated in a Strong Bad E-Mail when "james f." asked him what he would look like as a Japanese cartoon. The name itself comes from Strong Bad E-Mail #52 ("Island"), where Strong Bad is asked what it would be like if he and Homestar were stuck on a desert island. Homestar kept asking Strong Bad if they're rescued yet (no), and then asked "Hey, Stinko Man, ..." Strong Bad cut him off, "Ummm, did you just call me 'Stinko Man'?" Homestar replied with impugnity, "Yes sir, I did!" The "Japanese Cartoon" e-mail actually came five weeks later (Strong Bad E-Mail #57)

"Okay, so first of all, my head would have to be a little bean. With real, real big eyes. Get rid of my thumbs, make me all shiny, my boots would be a whole lot cooler, like robot boots. And for some reason, I got blue hair. I gotta have blue hair. Then there's my mouth. Real tiny when it's closed, ridiculously huge when it's open. Then you basically just put me in space and make me fly around in cool poses.
"And they'd probably have somebody else do the voices." (Stinko Man's voice is higher in pitch)

At the end of the Stinko Man e-mail, clicking "Japanese cartoons" on the screen gets you the Easter Egg of the week, first an extra "Stinko Man K / 20X6" clip and then Homestar watching the show on his television, with a clickable video tape on his shelf that shows the endings for eleven classic NES games.

The Stinko Man character has since been spun off, into his own cartoon universe. In a later cartoon, Stinko Man met up with the Kick The Can version of Homestar Runner, whom he proceeded to make fun of (for his name) and dance with.

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