I have a third-person view of a young dinosaur of indeterminate type. He has just become self-sufficient when his mother unexpectedly dies. He is sad, but he journeys as far as he can to make a new life for himself. Unbeknownst to him, his mother, a decayed, undead skeleton, follows him on his journey.

Eventually, he arrives at a house in the forest, populated by people who happen to be furryfen. It's basically a furry commune. He decides to turn into a very nice pair of (female) speakers, and so I take over the quest by moving into this commune for him/her/them.

His mother eventually arrives, and (after turning back into a befleshed, living dinosaur) demands that he turn back into a male dinosaur so that he can inherit the kingdom. But no, she wants to stay, because she's loved as a pair of speakers. After a heated debate, the mother dinosaur decides that this is her child's new kingdom.

But then it turns out that this whole thing is just me tripping, and that it's really my mom, who doesn't like me living as a female with a bunch of furries (who are actually furries, not just furryfen as I was tripping), but she leaves me alone - after living with us for a week while watching a lot of Adam Sandler movies on my stereo system (with the new, female pair of front speakers).