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I was on my way to college to re-trace where I had left my school bag. It was only on the train that I realised that I was only wearing my pyjamas and no shoes. People had noticed this (is this a naked in dream various or what?).

I arrived at Queens Park station (which was the wrong place because my college is the other direction) the sky was a deep dark purple and it was very windy. I noticed that a pair of trainers had miraculously appeared on my feet. I walked around the shops around the station window shopping.

I headed back to the station and this guy was in the way of the doors. He was make grunting sounds like an ape. I looked on the floor and noticed that someone had urinated I was willing to place bets that it was ape-man. I looked down the station to see if the train had arrived.

To my horror I saw a rail work half naked and on the rails, his body jerking involuntary as it was over a live wire. I saw the guy who thought he was an ape grab the rail worker and threw him down again on the rails. I had the feeling of danger come over myself. I ran to the ticket kiosk and screamed to the man on the other side to call an ambulance. The man seemed annoyed that I had jumped the queue and told me to use the emergency phone next to the wall.

The phone was a green plastic looking box that had Emergency 666, I picked up the receiver and started listening through the automated system. The system seemed to be taking forever, I grew even more anxious. I wanted to save this poor rail worker despite the fact he was probably dead already, least they could arrest his murderer. I went to look over the rails where the rail-worker was and I saw that his murderer had fallen on the rails too.

My "boyfriend" has created an animation that he wants me to look at, but i'm busy. I'm trying to get ready for a big upcoming event - like a cross between the annual meeting and my uncle's wedding (He's already married - it's actually my brother that's getting married soon. But i guess the syncretism is between my uncle's performance at the annual meeting as co. president and my identification with my father. This connection was only made when awake.)

I'm supposed to be in some kind of sketch with him, i'm not sure what it's about, but we were rehearsing while standing waist-deep in a lake. At one point, i have to go fetch something and find myself walking quite a distance on a very uneven rock formation about 6 inches below the surface, but which i can't be sure of. It frequently drops off.

We're staying at a cabin-type place, which i've been in before (only in dreams i think). I'm noticing all of the things that are different. I notice the trap door to the loft space where i used to hide has been boarded over. The whole family is there and everybody seems pretty stressed out. Even Bob is there.

I finally check out the animation and it is pretty cool. It's got a lot of filmesque crazy montage, photos of our friends and bright colors and his comics mixed in. I'm not allowed to show anybody, so i hide it in the oven. the edges of all the pages get scorched, but i think it adds to the character. I don't know what he'll think.

The next day i sleep in and when i wake up, everybody's gone. Luckily, Bob hasn't left yet so i catch a ride with him to the fancy-schmancy conference center where the event is taking place. I walk in late and mum is pissed. I've forgotten to wear the gown i'm supposed to, and my piece is coming up, just after intermission. Bob thinks the thing is stupid and offers to take me back to the cabin. I'm afraid i'll be late, i find my gown, but i have no way to get back. I sit at the cabin, thinking about how i've disappointed everyone.

I have a third-person view of a young dinosaur of indeterminate type. He has just become self-sufficient when his mother unexpectedly dies. He is sad, but he journeys as far as he can to make a new life for himself. Unbeknownst to him, his mother, a decayed, undead skeleton, follows him on his journey.

Eventually, he arrives at a house in the forest, populated by people who happen to be furryfen. It's basically a furry commune. He decides to turn into a very nice pair of (female) speakers, and so I take over the quest by moving into this commune for him/her/them.

His mother eventually arrives, and (after turning back into a befleshed, living dinosaur) demands that he turn back into a male dinosaur so that he can inherit the kingdom. But no, she wants to stay, because she's loved as a pair of speakers. After a heated debate, the mother dinosaur decides that this is her child's new kingdom.

But then it turns out that this whole thing is just me tripping, and that it's really my mom, who doesn't like me living as a female with a bunch of furries (who are actually furries, not just furryfen as I was tripping), but she leaves me alone - after living with us for a week while watching a lot of Adam Sandler movies on my stereo system (with the new, female pair of front speakers).

It was my daughter's prom night. I had driven my car to this gigantic department store/prom event building, many stories high, and parked. I had my dog with me. We went in and walked up about six or seven flights of marble stairs, the kind of flights that are really long, really two or three stories each, steps like in a museum. There were no banisters, and the view was slightly dizzying.

I had to keep going up and down the stairs, with my 100 pound dog, to fetch things for my daughter, who was dressing for her prom. A friend of mine (who has been out of high school for years also) was there too - it was his prom too. While all of this was going on, I knew I was being followed by a spy.

My daughter had all her stuff - I was finally done, so went back out to my car. But not before my dog peed on the marble floor in plain sight of hundreds of people walking around. I was mortified! And pretended she hadn't done anything. We ran to the car and jumped in, locked the doors. I saw no one, even though I knew some one wanted to kill me. I started the car (it is a manual transmission) and saw the temperature gauge fly up to Hot - so hot, in fact, a little cartoon balloon came out of the gauge and said "Wow!" The car's engine made a terrible racket, I knew they had drained every drop of oil. It then started moving (in neutral!) so I shut it off and pulled up the emergency brake, terrified.

At this point, my alarm went off so I woke up.

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