I'm getting rather good at this exam stuff now, I kinda get the hang of this without freaking out neither my nerves nor my brain.

Here's a few tips if you need to fight stress during an exam.

  • Start off easily! If you've got some time before the exam starts, hang around and talk to friends. Don't worry about what's about to come.
  • Don't enter the room before you have to! Being early means you'll just have to sit even longer in the same spot.
  • Don't look at the questions! When they hand out the sheets of paper, if you've got a minute, spend it staring out into the air. Sit for 45-60 seconds before you read the questions.
  • Don't start writing right away! On most exams, you have multiple tasks. (Not multitasking) Read through all of them, find the one that inspires you the most, then start writing.
  • If you can't get started, don't panic! Here's a thing I learnt from a friend: When you've got a task that seems impossible to write about, make a map of your knowledge on the topic. You know lots of stuff, you just need to arrange it, or call it out.
    Make a box in the middle of a sheet of paper, then insert the problem. Draw some lines to other boxes, like a DFD0 diagram, and insert key-words. Add more lines and boxes until you've got a set of key-words, and then arrange them in a disposition.
  • Use your time wisely! Spend 1/3 of the time making a rough disposition of your essay/project/article/calculation/experiment, then spend 1/3 perfecting it, writing the actual hand-in. Leave when 1/3 of the time remains, and impress the shit out of your friends. You can do it if you just find the rhythm and inspiration in your work.
  • Relax every 45 minutes! Stretch your back, your arms, your neck. You stiffen up somewhat while sitting in the same position all the time. Relax for a minute. Stretch, breathe, look around, then go back to the writing.

    There are more ideas of how to fight your stress, but I can't quite think of them. Also check out Exam-preparations