Last night I was bored and decided to spoil the next two week's worth of Buffy The Vampire Slayer storyline for my friend Kate, because I'm a bit of a bastard and I sometimes to that kind of thing. After sending the spoilers in question via a text message, I recieved an angry phone call, which then turned into a slightly more calmed down and normal conversation. Every so often there was a noise on the line like someone picking up and putting down a telephone. Considering the somewhat drug-related nature of the conversation at times, we started to make jokes about people tapping the phone and how much trouble we'd be in if that happened.

All fine and normal so far apart from a slight problem with my cordless phone or the phone system, we're not sure which.

The conversation progressed onto what books we're both currently reading, which is when Kate mentioned The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks. A little while later the conversation ended and I went back to E2 and then I saw it. Under "New Writeups" was a node entitled The Wasp Factory, written by SharQ.

Now we have an amazing coincidence. Still, though, nothing to worry about.

I then went to SharQ's home node to send him a friendly message explaining what had happened. Out of curiosity, I scrolled down to see what kind of person I was dealing with. It all came together when I saw where he lives. A short bus ride away from my house.

Now I'm starting to panic, as it all started to make sense. That guy was really a figment of that guy's imagination, that other guy was a replicant, another completely unrelated guy was dead all along and this guy was tapping my phone, listening in for good node material.

I'm gonna run some water in the background whenever I talk on the phone from now on. Watch his number of new writeups drop.

Now a daylog thanks to Fruan pointing this out to me in my sleep-deprived state.