Do you know what's bad? Reading your girlfriend's Livejournal from before you met her. Especially if you're the really jealous type like me.

I'm back home in Liverpool for the night, having just dropped off my mum's textbook for her new anatomy course which she's starting on Tuesday. My mum and her boyfriend have gone to bed, as has my brother. I really wish that I hadn't even ever SEEN her Livejournal. I don't want to have access to that kind of stuff. It'll only tempt me like it did a minute ago. I had to stop myself and felt the need to write something down of my own, but I don't need no Livejournal to do that. I've got my E2.

I wish I knew what made me so jealous. Maybe it's that she's slept with so many more people than me. I think I'm afraid of comparisons. Or maybe it was that party we went to where she'd slept with more people than I could count. Or the fact that she's slept with more people than she can count herself. I don't think she's cheated on me. I think I've got some sort of Kevin Smith-esque Alyssa Jones complex.

I love her to bits, but sometimes it's hard. And yeah, I know I'm being ridiculous and should just chill, but try telling that to my subconscious.

-=Lord NAgasaki=- Liverpool