Due to a gap in memory, we join this dream already in progress.


The room is huge, like an airplane hanger. It is fitfully illuminated by flickering fluorescent lighting. The room is filled with work tables scattered with tools and parts, telephone booth-sized apparatus with electronics attached, and powered-off industrial robots. I'm sneaking around the room, looking for something, I don't know what. Suddenly the workers return. I look around for someplace to hide. It's too far to the door and there's nowhere to go.

I quickly take off my clothes and hide them, then get into one of the booths, planning to say I thought it was the safety shower. I am quickly discovered, and while no one seems alarmed by the nudity, they don't believe my story. They begin to debate whether to call the guards or torture me themselves. While they do swiftly I put on a nearby lab coat, and suddenly I blend right in. I simply walk away and go out the door. At the door I take off the coat.


Outside the building, still naked, I need to find some clothes. I walk across the lush, soft lawn and into the nearby mansion.


It's the classic dark oak hallway with half-glimpsed Hollywood set dressing and large doors. I look in a few rooms. The first bedroom is occupied by a couple, and I close the door quickly. Again I hear people approach, and I take refuge in a marble bathroom.


This room is clean and brightly lit. Many items cover a small vanity table in the bathroom. What I had taken to be a doll on this table turns out to be a young girl in a long and heavy brocade dress. She wants to talk philosophy. Do I believe in God? I pick up a hand mirror and tell her that I do, and that if you're quick enough with a mirror you can sometimes see God. I explain that God's not good with the physics of reflection. He'd never meant to have reflections work the way they do, but he messed up on the math. That's why reflections are "backwards" left to right, but are not inverted top to bottom. We angle the hand mirror around at other mirrors and set up a triple reflection. For a second, we glimpse a surprised looking man with curly black hair, who then vanishes.



The kids are back from Halloween, they have lots of candies. I regret that I didn't buy any Halloween candy for myself, I'm hungry and there's none for me. The kids also have Halloween toys. One toy is still wrapped in its Halloween paper (?!) The toy is very dangerous, somehow defective, and needs to go back to toy factory ASAP.



I'm now the small boy who got the toy. I've just snuck in the door of the toy factory. Disassembled toys lie all over, the night watchman is tinkering with them. He has curly hair. He's clearly a mad genius. I sneak past through the scattered parts and replace the now-unwrapped toy in inventory. Doing so trips an alarm! A watcher outside in a van is alerted. He looks into the toy factory with his x-ray vision and recognizes that this toy contains a glowing green part. The watcher is The Incredible Hulk! He knows that this toy can control him, and he 'hulks up' and comes to get it. I grab the toy again and run out the back of the factory.


A standard industrial back lot. A 1970s era convertible sits in the lot. A young woman and her boyfriend have been making out in the secluded twilight. I leap onto the hood of the car and yell at them to get going. The boyfriend sees The Hulk coming around the building, objects, and jumps out, but the woman hits the gas and we peel out in a spray of gravel.



I'm now moving at high speed in some other vehicle, but since I'm inside I can't really tell what it is. Possibly It's the bed of a pickup truck. I'm now being chased by the young woman in the convertible, and behind her an A-team style purple mini van (guess who?). The highway suddenly turns a distinct shade of orange and the roadbed rises into a trademark overhead loop. As the pickup reaches the top of the loop, I jump/fall out, and then simply hover in midair as the trucks and car race around and then pelt away down the roadway into the distance.



I'm now an old man at a summertime church supper, seated at a picnic table, telling this story to some other old geezers. Out front, the pickup, convertible, and van race by on the gravel road in a cloud of dust. "You tell this story to kids today," I say, "and they won't believe it."