Lots of busy lives in here today! The weather is blustery, spurts of violent windy commotions almost fallish if one can consider a desert to have any type of fall. We're to be at a cookout at my brother-in-laws house today to meet my husband's Aunt, Uncle and I think a cousin. Hubby says I've met them, but I don't recall so it may be awkward. I don't know when I will get used to that, however I am so looking forward to getting out of the house and enjoying some company.

Last night my husband had occasion to smirk at me and my hapless adventures with the local fast food restaurants in our area. Ever since the Dairy Queen incident things have been increasingly difficult. And since he is in the restaurant business I have been relating my travails to him as they occured over the last month or so.

Attempting to enjoy an ice cream out one day I tried TCBY, a place I've enjoyed walking to with my dogs in the past and sitting out front with a Choclate Chip Cookie-Dough Shiver, but the owners (acquaintances) have closed shop here. So I decided to give Baskin-Robbins a go....

Upon entering the shop, Hello Mama, I'm gonna hook you up!

Which I assume means 'What kind of ice cream do you want?' .... and it's Kenny a former student, he was in second grade then, during a long term sub assignment apparently he doesn't recognize me....

I'll have a scoop of pistachio ice cream please.

I complain to my husband and all I get is .....but you are a hot momma! ..... rolling my eyes, I smiled back.

McDonald's shorted me a fry, so I let Number Two Son have the one bag of fries and made do with my Quarter Pounder.

Taco Bell.....Hello! welcome to Taco Bell would you like to try one of our combos?

ummmmm yea I'd like two tacos and...

I'm sorry we're all out of hard taco shells.

Oh good grief! I left, went home asked the guys what they wanted Wendy's! they chorused
.....back with Wendy's and again I've been shorted a fry. Not to be outdone I groused I could have made dinner faster than this and returned to get my fries.

Late one night...Hubby I feel like some sweet and sour chicken from Yokahama Rice Bowl no one else wanted anything so off I went. I waited at the drive thru window.....oh I would at least say for a good three to five minutes..then one emlpoyee, a young man, looked out the window at me waiting and left. Are they being robbed? I pondered, perhaps busy and short of help....another few minutes of waiting and I left.

Across the street was an eegee's so I stopped for a

......small hot eegee's grinder and small fries.....

You want an 8 inch hot eeggee's grinder and fries...what would you like to drink?

I said, I would like a 4 inch hot eeggee's grinder and fries.....


.....and nothing to drink.

What did you want to drink? I couldn't hear when the truck drove by.

Arriving home with my grinder and fries Hubby asked

What happened to the sweet and sour chicken?

I related my story and several grins and smirks appeared and disappeared across his face .....

Sounds to me Lo like they know when your coming!


Now them that are such we command and exhort by our Lord Jesus Christ, that with quietness they work, and eat their own bread.
-2 Thessalonians 3:12

With quiet industry I will lay aside my restlessness and earn my bread alone.