I was watching a show about Valentine's Day after I came home from work and they were talking to couples about their first dates. This made me think about our first date and the other firsts in our lives. The first time I saw you at Bob's Big Boy and was immediately attracted and interested in you. The first time we worked together. Our first date. The first time we kissed. The first time I spent the night at you apartment. The first time we made love. Our first home together. I thought about how you looked so beautiful on our wedding day and how lucky I felt that you were marrying me. I thought about our first time at Disneyland. I thought about how our lives changed when the kids were born. Those are a lot of good firsts. Now here we are after 21 years of marriage and we haven't spoken to each other in 8 days because of some stupid fight we had. Although I am sure there will be arguments and angry moments in our lives, I will not ignore you for days at a time to prove I'm right. You have always encouraged me to better myself even though I may not have shown you total support when you were working to better yourself. I know your getting yourself in the best shape of your life was something you did for yourself but you also did it for me. I know I don't tell you "I love you" anywhere near as much as I should and I promise you will hear it much more. I will treat you with the honor and respect you deserve as the mother of my children and as my beautiful wife. You are and always will be the love of my life and I will cherish you for the many, many years we will still have together.


Jesus said: one another.
-John 13:34