This has been mostly a week of soving problems about transportation.
Number One Son is still quite overwhelmed with starting college. He's in the midst of trying to decide which classes to keep and drop, getting a job for his work/study award and finding the building where he can purchase a year round city bus pass

Me: Did you try the red brick building son?

*long pause*

Number One Son *rolling his eyes and a crooked grin: Not funny at all Mom!

(All of the 30-40 buildings on campus are red brick;)

He got his bus pass today and was interviewed and hired at the library. One of the university's Vice Presidents asked him the other day how it was going, he said it was boring. I encouraged him to do some socialising in between classes, go to the rec center and work out. Take a break. It'll all get sorted out soon. I still wonder if having him stay on campus would be better so he'd be more involved and make friends sooner.

Number Two Son....has missed the bus 4 out of the last six days. Now some confusion and missing the bus is understandable and I was curious as to why. His answer was that he didn't know what time the bus left. I was concerned that he might be having problems with stuff going on at the bus stop or on the bus, however he assured me things were fine. His mission today, should he decide to accept it and ever be able to use the computer again, is to come home with a bus schedule.

It's been streesful for me the kind where muscles ache, sleep is elusive, and I'm hungry but can't eat.

The father instantly replied, "I do believe, but help me not to doubt!"
- Mark 9:24 (NLT)