In the "preview" of the actual dream I dreamed that my dreadlocks were m.f.. cool; more cool than life! They were a bit more longer than they really are and especially the right part of back of the head had turned into magnificiant dreads. I was admiring them myself and also a friend (HA?) liked them a lot.

Then in the actual spectacular dream we were supposed to either play basketball, do orienteering or athletics. I was keeping it cool and at first I did nothing. I just hanged around the basketball hall, leaning a wall.

Some fellow asked if I'll do some sports and as a response I muttered something about orienteering.
But then those who were orienteering came in and they started to play basketball. I joined them happily because I really loved the aesthetics of basketball, the imaginative paths of arms and other body parts that I could do while playing. It was like a ballet with an attitude.