This dream starts on Friday. Tomorrow there would be a running competition consisting four legs, about 6 kilometers each. I don't have yet a team but I'm not looking for one neither. However, a mate I know comes over and asks if I could join their team since they are lacking the fourth guy. I agree and ask what kind of team is this. He says that he is not so enthuastic about this team but there's a young blonde girlie who picked up two other guys and him and she really wants us to make a good result. He tells me that these other two are philosophers and it seems like they are virtually unknown.

Saturday morning and one hour to go before the start. I see some guys from my own running club and they wonder why I'm here. I tell them that I'm in the second leg and I describe the team briefly. The blonde cutie just passes by and asks if I'm ready. I nod and ask my clubmate if he's ready, if he have done those 5 kilometers. He grins because we both know that our club has a really stupid warming up policy. "Sure.." he says.

The next scene takes me to see how the blonde masturbates. This is happening after the race. She lies in nowhere: there's no floor, no walls, no nature, no nothing. She stops cuddling herself as she notices those philosophers having gay sex. I don't know how it is possible but they were having a double anal penetration. Now the other philosopher is on the back and another is just shooting his load. The blonde approaches them and tells them to "fuck me like no one has never fuck before." They look at her amazed expression on their face. - I see all this like some Big Brother would have seen.