This very fucked-up dream starts off with me watching Aliens, but then my consciousness shifts through the screen and I become a character in the film. The Alien Queen has escaped and is hunting us down. She traps one of the men in my squad and burns off his face with a flamethrower - his jaw melts and he falls screaming to the ground. We are all captured.

The Queen decides to send us to Tax, the underground nest and homeworld of the aliens, and when the gates open, there is nothing to see but a heaving mass of human bodies and clambering aliens. Ripley, (who is me - or at least, who I have turned into), slits her wrists open rather than be sent in there. The Queen brings her back into the main complex and stitches her up again. When next we see the Queen, she has ripped both of her own arms off, and her lower jaw, and in place of her jaw is a huge, grotesque pair of red human lips. She tells us that she wants to be beautiful like us.

We are running and escaping from Tax, and we barely make it into our complex in time before something gets past the barriers and is halted by the glass inner door. Even the Queen is scared by this thing, which is called a Sleuth, and is bulkier, almost humanoid, muscular, grey-green-red in colour. It begins to crash against the glass, making a booming, thunderous sound.

I wake up.

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