Ever since I started really wearing bras (not when I was supposed to) I've had to fit into something rather large. My first bra was a B cup, and a year later I was wearing a C cup. Some time early on in middle school my breast stop growing at a 38D cup size. At first this didn't bother I didn't see the problem, I just had large breasts. But later on in High School when Fashion became a part of fitting in, my breasts got into the way. I couldn't find tops that fight right...forget that sexy Prom Dress, if it fit it was perfect in the waist it was to tight on the top, and if it was right on the top it was incredibly baggy on the waist.

This wasn’t the only reason I hated being large breasted. I found out early that guys wanted to be with me because, to quote a few “Look at the tits on that b****!” It hurt knowing that the only way I was going to get a date was through my breasts.

The other major problem that I found was finding a bra that was sexy and cute to wear. I guess manufacture don’t think that women with large breasts like to think of themselves as sexy so they make us these ugly plan white bras that no one like, but wear because that’s all we have. Also if you don’t like under wire in your bra’s then just give up, you completely out of luck every large sized bra comes complete with under wire.

Now finding a bra didn’t become too much of a problem until after I hit that finally growth spurt. I went from a decent cup size of D to a horrible cup size of DDD! I used to be able to walk into a Wal*Mart and find the right size bra, it took awhile but I could find something. Now even the people at Wal*Mart tell me, “Sorry we don’t sell bras that size!” It’s made me feel so self aware of my breasts I hate it. If I want a bra that’s going to fit now I have to go to some place like Lyane Bryant and spend a fortune. Or settle for bras that are too small and give you the Quadra boob look. It just makes me SICK.