A minute's success pays the failure of years.

Robert Browning, Sun and Mercury in Taurus

Anytime you have a planet in Taurus, things slow down. Mercury adds to quickness of wit and aids the mental processes, but in the earthy sign of Taurus you get feeling of being stuck in the mud. Mercury in the fire signs you get thoughts like quicksilver on fire; in earth signs that quicksilver tends to just puddle up and wait for someone to do something with it.

It's not that these people are lacking in intelligence, wit or humor, they are just cautious and conservative. What they lack in rapid-response thinking, they make for in follow-through. And boy, can these folks follow through on any project they start. The symbol for Taurus is the bull and stubborness and determination are their hallmarks. Pushing a bull to work at any speed faster than what they want is never a good idea. They'll bellow and probably try to gore you with their horns. Let them go at their own pace; they get there eventually.

All the earth signs are about being practical. They want concrete answers and concepts that they can turn into reality. Especially if it can make money. They tend toward learning by doing; life experience is more important to them than book learning.

People with Mercury in Taurus are all about tactile information processing. They need to feel, smell, taste their environment. They often have very heightend sensory perception. Their communication style is often brusk and occassionally sarcastic but their soft, mellow voices and gentle sense of humor blunts the force of their words. It's not that they can't be forceful and get their point across, it's just not as harsh as Mercury in Aries or any of the other fire signs.

Taurus is said to rule the throat and, perhaps, singers. Many famous people born with Mercury in Taurus are singers and are also known for their distinctive speaking voices. These people are more prone to diseases of the throat and voice box than other Mercury signs.

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