Madeleine Korbel Albright was the highest-ranking woman in the US government. She was made the first female Secretary of State in 1997 under the Clinton Administration. The Senate voted unanimously to appoint her as the Secretary of State.

Albright was born May 15, 1937 in Prague, Czechoslovakia and was originally a refugee whose family fled Czechoslovakia, first from the Nazis and later from the Communists. She embodies the American dream and the hopes of every immigrant that comes to the United States. Her father was a Czechoslovakian diplomat and once in the United States he became a professor at the University of Colorado in Denver. Madeleine is extremely well educated, articulate, and intelligent. She received her B.A. from Wellesley College, her master's from John Hopkins University, and received her PhD from Columbia University while raising twins. Albright is fluent in French and Czech, with speaking and reading abilities in Russian and Polish.

She has a very impressive resume. She was a Chief Legislative Assistant, president of Center for National Policy, and research professor of International Affairs and Director of the Women in Foreign Service Program at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service. During Clinton's first 4 years as president she was the US's permanent representative to the United Nations and member of the National Security Council. She also ratified the Chemical Weapons Convention.

As Secretary of State she maintained a bipartisan approach to foreign policy. She also fought for civil rights, women's rights and stability in foreign countries. Madeleine is now part of the National Women's Hall of Fame. She is an inspiration for all women and all Americans.

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