Essentially an extention of See You at the Pole, the 30 second kneel-down is an evangelical prayer movement in high schools and middle schools across the United States, where students take 30 seconds at the beginning of the day (ideally, 7:30 am) and kneel down in front of their lockers to pray.

The intention of the 30 seconds of prayer at the locker is to increase the amount of prayer in schools (indeed, to return Christian prayer to schools, period), to create young Christians of "no reputation," as Jesus is said to have done in order to spread the word of God, and to increase the number of students who do pray.

The students pray in 3 sections:
(1) A prayer to thank God for his love.
(2) A prayer to ask God to touch those in the school with his love.
(3) A prayer asking God to use the praying student as a messenger.

More detailed information about the 30 second kneel down can be found at the official website: