In my area farmers plus folks reselling wholesale to retail goods set up stands for the day almost anywhere traffic can pull over. They mostly sell flowers, fruits, vegetables and live crabs. They don’t seem to require a license although the same person will usually claim the same area of the road most days. They are of course more prolific in the summer time.

The most common goods are:

  • fresh corn, melons, strawberries, and peaches. These will usually be from small pick up truck. Me and one or 2 other people will be seen stopping.
  • yucky plastic wrapped roses – ($5/dozen) especially around Mothers' Day. These may have a car parked near by but more likely it is just a person and a table, obviously dropped off to be picked up at day’s end. No one ever stops for these. How do they make any money?
  • and the fresh "Maryland blue crab"s…these are highly seasonal, come from large white trucks without windows and have huge crowds in line to buy.

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