My room is an utter disaster. Then again, it is in the process of becoming not my room anymore, but our room.

I never actually realized how much stuff I have stashed in and around my bedroom.

In order for there to be room enough for Dan's shite, we have to pack some of my stuff into boxes to store downstairs. This is generating a lot of trash, as I "bite the bullet" as it were and throw away a good deal of the stuff that was in boxes. A myriad of old papers, drawings, essays, folders, joke e-mail print-outs (gods only know why I had them in the first place), binders, random items that I have no real use for, etc. The list continues for quite some time.

The one part that has surprised me so far was when we got to the third box down in the stack Dan and I were working on getting rid of. This one contained magickal and/or religious items. Candles, athame, candle holders-out-the-ass, dream pillow, incense, sharpening stone, ceremonial wooden circlet-crowns, etc. I did not, at first, think I would be throwing anything out of that box into the trash. I was wrong. A good deal of things were disposed of, much to my surprise.

The point of all my purging? We need space in my room to put Dan's dresser, stereo and 2-foot high speakers, TV, etc. and with boxes of stuff still strewn about my room from the move last October, that would be nigh impossible.

We have 4 or 5 boxes left to go, and 2 boxes repacked with stuff I won't need anytime soon. Soon, I hope, there will be a visible floor in my- no, our room again so I can walk through it without tripping over some random item.