20 years old and I've never been drunk.

Last night was Dan's 21st birthday party. Kevin gave Dan his birthday present - $50 for alcohol. They bought Hooch Ice and Hooch Red (both are very good), Killian's Irish Red (I hated it - yuk, beer. *blech*) and Corona (a bit better - I like Mexican beer better), a bottle of gin (this was worse than the beer - disgusting!), and a bottle of really great (yet cheaply-priced) wine, Reunite Raspberry, I believe it was.

By the end of the night, Dan was drunk - stumbling, acting-silly, tripping over his feet and the logs for the campfire, don't-think-about-touching-the-axe drunk. Kevin was drunk too, but not quite that bad. Me? I wasn't even close. I was, at most, slightly buzzed.

I had to drink: 2 1/2 bottles of Hooch, a shot of gin, 3 glasses of wine, and part of Dan's very strong gin & juice. *shakes her head* I'm beginning to think I'm not supposed to put "poisons" in my body. I have an innate aversion to LSD and other chemicals, I'm allergic to marijuana smoke and cigarette smoke, I've been unable to get drunk, etc. My friend Debbie phrased it once as "You're just supposed to be pure - you don't need any of the stuff the rest of us use. It's just bad for you, and your body knows it."

Perhaps she's right?