I was sitting in my house when some guy walked in and grabbed my arm and took me out to the front yard next to two horses. He got on his, and I got on mine. We were just having some normal chit-chat, nothing weird, and we started to ride.

He started saying that he wouldn't trust these horses with his laundry, as we jumped off of a cliff and floated down next to a few buildings like we were parachuting.

Meanwhile, I was telling this stranger that I have to trust this horse with my life, because I'm on him right now. I lost my companion somehow, and my horse came in for a landing. Once I got off, my horse turned into a husky. That was kinda weird, but I seemed to accept it as only a little out of the ordinary.

So my dog and I walked into a building, and the dog went just inside, and turned and growled at me, an started gnawing on my hand. Not really biting, but kinda gumming my hand. I just patted him on his head, and walked by. As I went through this little hallway, it morphed into a bigger hallway, almost like a hall at a zoo near me, only no glass on the exhibits, and then a bunch of eyes opened out of the darkness. I just kept my cool, and kept walking. As I reached the end of the hallway, I yelled into the room, asking if anyone was in there and heard no response, so I closed and locked the door.

I thought about this afterwards, and figured if there was someone in there, he or she wasn't gonna say anything since they'd get attacked, but then I figured they'd have been attacked already because dogs have a good sense of smell. Then I just walked away, sad I didn't have my dog/horse anymore.