This E2 get-together is better than the previous engagement because it's more day-oriented in the sense that it started out in the afternoon rather than an all-night spiel. Sure, the kids went to a bar in 1st Avenue for drinks in the night, but we had dinner and whatnot in a Vietnamese restaurant and more probably more livelier food in the afternoon.

The get-together started in 1:00 PM, but I dropped by in 3:00 PM because I had to work in Brooklyn College.

I originally wanted to go to Café Edison on my own if no dinner is planned, but we went out to dinner together. I like a bit of Vietnamese food sometimes. The crispy squid is nice, but I want more curry even if it makes my coughing worse.

On our way through the city, nocodeforparanoia is extremely flirty with Templeton. He's flirting like a 15-year-old, with all of the pushing and the chasing. If that makes him a man, I can't do a thing.

Tribe (the bar in 1st Ave.) is not the upscale dump that is Windows on the World. I didn't order anything because I'm underage, but I got to see everybody showing off their PDAs.

I talked with zot-fot-piq not just about relationships, but the responsibilities of drinking alcoholic stuff like his martini. I started it out of I don't want to fall so easily., alcoholic, and other drinking abuse nodes that should be metanoded. Okay, I could be able to stomach a glass of something piss-weak, but if I have to get to the strong stuff for my birthday, yossarian or zot-fot-piq has to get the stun gun to get me back in line. I don't want to be like my North Carolinian brother's friend's drunken wife lest my folks will kill me.

Before I got home, I asked yossarian if he can start a get-together in December 28, 2000. He checked it out from his Palm Pilot, and he said it's okay because it's on a weekend. I'll probably want to celebrate the day with a drink or two, but I'll have it in a place uptown nearby Broadway. I feel safer by Broadway.