Hey.... I have received a postcard today from Macarthur Parker!

Please accept this EMAR-induced postal assault as a token of joy and stuff. =)
Jalapeño Express

Dear my esteemed Kit Lo,

Please accept this small (insert coffee stain here) spilled coffee stain from Denny's #1110 in Lakewood, Colorado -- simply because I am having trouble thinking of something meaningful to fill the space of this postcard. Writing in larger pring would simply be a cop-out, and drawing something would.

On the bottom of the postcard, I see a mountainscape, with the sun to the east. A Kit Lomobile approaches, to a figure holding the sign (Hi!). Further onward, a sign with my name on it is supported by three figures. The first figure accidently let go of the sign, the second is holding the sign, and the third was crushed by the sign. "Sign drawn after mountains by stupid guy."

(heart) MacArthur Parker.