Kit stands on a cliff, facing the blood-red sea beneath a purple sky.

I've been in so much since I was born, and all I could do was whine. Complain how I hated fighting and get on the right side of things. People gave me advice, they wanted me to live to get out of the fire. Yet, I didn't leave. It's just because I don't know how to start the sequence. I knew something was wrong. I haven't tried a thing, and I knew why. I have no place in love and peace.

He takes out a flask, gives a cheer to the sky, and drinks.

Now, I have seen how people have done so much fooling around, and how they redeemed themselves. This is good. I can't see how I can live this kind of life. I don't want to fight to be like them. I know my place. It is to become a fighter all on my own. I'll fight my own battles, over and over, on and on, with no room for rest or companionship until my operational limit is done for. December 28, 2004 7:00 PM in Hong Kong time is my limit. I'm going to be decommissioned and scrapped. I don't want to fight it off. For once, I'm happy looking forward to this limit. I felt like I had a child, and I want to take care of it, raise it, tickle it and talk like a baby in front of this... plan. For once, I have drawn a line to show what I will do, and what I will not do with my life. I will be happy with what I've got.

He falls on his back, looking at the sky and smiles... A streak of clouds hover in the purple sky. Light cuts into the clouds, leading to a sunset over the blood. The sun sets, and sets, and sets.

I hope you have to never hear me whine again. It's too much on my mind too. I wanted another moment of clarity like when I talked to Ruth, but I'll have to do it on my own. I want to sleep.

Kit stands up, dusts himself off, and walks away from the cliff...