I'm freezing my ass off in LaVista, NE. It's almost June and it's barely 50 degrees during the day. Who knows how cold it is at night? I left school a week ago and went home for a few days. Now I'm living in a suburb of the huge metropolis of Omaha. I'm currently dwelling in the basement of my sister's house. It's not so bad. I have to look for a job, though. That sucks. I wish I could just lay around all summer and do nothing. For now I only have $80 to my name, and somehow that has to last until I'm employed. I've put in my application at a few places. Hopefully I'll hear from them soon. Earlier today I went and got a public library card. If I don't do anything else all summer, at least I can read. Life has been pretty uneventful the past few days, driving around town, grocery shopping, and going to bed way too early. I really hope this summer goes well. Tonight I'm enjoying this big house all to myself.