I've been using Lotus Notes (and Lotus Domino) for only about 2 months but I can say that is is the best groupware tool in the market.

Lotus Notes has greatly evolved from v.4 to its current version, the R6. Its evolution was triggered by the sudden surge of the internet. From a simple communication and organizing tool to a dynamic groupware application, Lotus Notes is most probably the hottest form-flow medium in the market. It's robust, stable and object-oriented design makes it easier for the user to utilize its full potential and capabilities.

On the reliability and versatility part: Lotus Notes doesn't only support native Lotus script. It can also handle C,BASIC, HTML, Java and Javascript (provided you have this some sort of SDK residing in its data repository- in notes data folder, I think). I'm sure there are more supported languages which I may have failed to mention. The bottomline here is Lotus Notes and Domino can offer the best of all worlds to different programmers with various programming language of choice.

Security is not a problem in Lotus Notes/Domino. You can define who can see, create or edit documents, views, folders, agents or databases. But of course, setting up security is the joint responsibility of the Domino Administrator and the Application Designer. From the encrypted fields to controlled-access section, this is one tough egg to break.

That's all.